PRESS RELEASE: New Online Store Open to the Public



Olivia Bailey

Director of Marketing



New Online Store Open to the Public

screenshot of the web page for 'Round the Mountain artisans at The Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace.


‘Round the Mountain Artisan Network announces new online shopping experience


‘Round the Mountain: Southwest Virginia’s Artisan Network announces the opening of a new e-commerce platform.


The new online store ‘Round the Mountain at the Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace provides shoppers access to our beautiful, handcrafted items created by our artisan.


The online platform launches with more than 1,100 items and is expected to grow to more than 2,000 within the next few months. ‘Round the Mountain staff is diligently working to photograph, catalog, and inventory each of the items to make them accessible on the new platform.


The online store allows shoppers to purchase the items online and have them shipped directly to their location, but provides the option of an ‘in-store pickup’ option and gift-wrapping.

You can shop the online store here.