SWVA Brand

Downtown Revitalization

In every SWVA community, good people are working hard to make the heart of their community even better. Vitality starts downtown.

Music Heritage

The region is embracing its music traditions through The Crooked Road. It’s a core part of our story, a living and lively testament to the roots of SWVA and the nation.

Arts & Crafts

’Round the Mountain’s network of artisans and farmers are handcrafting small businesses, contributing to vibrant places and continuing a tradition of self-sufficiency

Outdoor Recreation

Eight world-class outdoor destinations. Dozens of regional basecamps. Communities of people passionate about their connection to nature. Around these distinctive places we’re growing businesses, connecting to each other, and welcoming the world.

Brand Values

The Challenge

The goal was an ambitious one: to represent a distinctive region that includes the most remote and hidden corners of Virginia. This region is made up of 19 counties, 54 towns, and 4 cities. From the banks of the New River, to the rich heritage of the Virginia Coalfields, the views from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the well worn path of Daniel Boone’s Wilderness Road, this region has all of the best of Americana: music heritage, arts & crafts, and outdoor recreation.

The Values

Through this process, hundreds of stakeholders met and shared the qualities that they love about Southwest Virginia. These are the brand values that they held most dear:

Undiscovered  |  Outdoorsy  |  Hardworking  |  Approachable  |  Dynamic  |  Musical  |  Unique  |  Artistic  |  Rugged  |  Authentic  |  Distinctive  |  Alive

Counties Visited
Towns Involved
Miles Driven
People We Met

The Brand Manual is essentially a set of rules
that explain how your brand works.

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The Friends of Southwest Virginia works across a 19 county, four city and 53 town region to preserve, promote and present the cultural and natural assets, click here for more information on visiting our region.