High Knob Recreation Area

High Knob is one of the largest mountain massifs in the Appalachians, a single mountain mass that’s 13 miles wide and 26 miles long. Its heart has been breached by massive erosion to create caves and spectacular karst landscapes like Natural Tunnel.

Its climate of abundant rainfall and snowfall creates a richly diverse landscape of great biological diversity, with abundant songbirds, wildflowers and native plants and animals. Summer temperatures are cool because of high mountain elevations.

High Knob Recreation Area was built by Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s and includes a lake stocked with fish, picnic and camping areas, trails and a newly rebuilt observation tower with spectacular views. Mountain bikers enjoy the newly opened Flag Rock Area Trails, and trails to Little Stony Falls and the Guest River Gorge offer hikers access to waterfalls, gorges and mountain scenery of all kinds. The mountain provides spectacular views from Flag Rock and at the Powell Valley Overlook on Rt. 23.

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