The Breaks

Some of the most rugged terrains in Virginia can be found at the Breaks, called “The Grand Canyon of the East” for the way the Russell Fork River tore through a mountain to create a spectacular five-mile gorge. Sheer walls of rock drop spectacularly to the rushing waters below. Visit the quiet green beauty of Garden Hole, where the river runs smooth, and the fish are waiting to be caught.


More than 25 miles of hiking trails lace the park, and you can choose to stay in the inn, in a campground, or in newly built luxury cabins.


Spend your day enjoying the outdoors – hiking, biking, birding, geocaching, fishing, whitewater rafting, floating, or swimming.


The Breaks is in the middle of Southwest Virginia’s coal country. Upstream is the John Flannagan Dam and Reservoir, with whitewater rafting opportunities along the Russell Fork River, especially during dam releases in October. Pine Mountain Trail connects the Kentucky side of the Breaks south to Birch Knob, where an observation tower provides a bracing climb and spectacular five-state view, and then along the state border to Pound Gap.