Team SWVA works hard to serve all 19 counties and four cities of the region to advance their local economy through creative initiatives. The organization tracks and records all work to ensure quality service throughout the many communities. Below, you’ll find the most recent report of service delivery for Friends of Southwest Virginia and the Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Service Delivery – Fiscal Year ’18

The team tracks each significant local and regional interaction of community, economic and tourism development. Community Served: Assistance provided to community leadership, a community development organization, a community action group, or work affecting an entire community. Business Served: Assistance provided to a single individual business or a group of businesses within a community. SWVA Admin: General administration of the organization involving outside partners. Media and Marketing Assists: Direct work with communities on media or marketing for both the entire region and individual localities.

Status of Projects – Fiscal Year ’18

Team SWVA tracks all projects currently underway or completed in the current fiscal year.

Project Types – Fiscal Year ’18

Team SWVA tracks the type of projects underway across the region.

Service Delivery by County/City – Fiscal Year ’18

Team SWVA tracks all direct interactions within communities. This chart shows direct interactions across the regional initiatives and involvement in local development (community, economic or tourism) programs.